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The complete manual for Liquid Story Binder (LSB), available in either html or pdf (downloadable and printable) format, is found here.[1] The manual is useful in locating specific information, for example, "how do I create a line note?," and less so with regard to learning the how's and why's of using LSB.

There are a variety of tutorials available for Liquid Story Binder XE (v. 4.71 as of the writing of this wiki entry). LSB itself provides a set of tutorials[2], which may not be quite as clear as beginning users might wish.

Another set of tutorials, in video form, are available from Rose (aka rosepetals) on her blog, Media Through Rose-tinted Glasses [3]. You can also find these video tutorials by searching for the Liquid Story Binder channel on Youtube. As of this writing, these are widely considered to be the most useful learning tools for LSB, particularly for beginners.

The Infamous Rosepetals' Tutorials

The most useful tutorials on the web--or, for that matter, in print--are located, as referenced above, on the Rosepetals1984 website, Writing Through Rose-tinted Glasses. The entire list is shown on this page [4]. You can also search for "Liquid Story Binder" on Youtube and find the videos there or Click Here. Sequentially, Rose's tutorials are as follows:

Creating a Binder and General Orientation

Additional Tutorials